Israel give over, your shits getting old
The truth of your actions is about to unfold
Women and children lie dead in the cold
Financed and advanced, with Rothchild gold.
You’re a disgrace to your race
Your faith is misplaced
Ask for forgiveness
Before its too late.
The killing and maiming it all has to stop
the cycle of violence just breeds a new crop
Of vengence and hatred , fatherless sons
Sisterless brothers, who’ll take up the gun
To fight you and smite you, still you justify
Bombing civilians from miles in the sky
The Holocausts over, its all in the past
Palestinians never sent you to be gassed
Sit your selves down and have a good chat
Maybe you never considered this fact
The Zionist jews who created the Reich
Live in New York and do what they like
Their business is armaments, weapons and war
Each missile you shoot, buys them a new car
Each bomb, every bullet that lands on the ground
Is paid for in blood, and the taxpayers pound.
Enough is enough, Is this Judahs vision
Genocide, of every living Palestinian?
You’ll reap what you sow, the hatred will flow
The lizard in side you, continues to grow.
The radioactive, reptilian mind
An eye for an eye
Turns the whole world blind.
Please try to convince us that some how ye care
We’re knocking but seems, that no one is there.

Copyright Cormac Lally 2014


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