Its plain to see the frailty, of shallow sorrowed men like me
We sip the cup in over flowing , future fall outs failed in knowing
Worried once, were warriors, to send for signs of life on mars
Ten million miles another place , that might sustain the human race
And all the time right in our face, the answer to the ancient case
Of what the elders knew and we, chose not to hear it tragically.
For looking back you haven’t far, to find the spot in where you are
And stare out at the skies above and feel, the universal love
For on this spot in deepest past , a man looked at the sky and asked
These questions which I pose my soul, are we alone in this black hole?
And on those stars in galaxies, is someone staring back at me?
Quantum Questions,quested,pondered,
Wonder plundered , wonder squandered.
We poke for hope with telescopes, while humanity is on the ropes
Will we survive and live to pass, the message that is clear as glass
To walk the path and pay it on and soon the kindness will catch on
And we can tell our future youth, there’s more to learn right here in truth
Take off your shoes and let your feet , connect with earth that’s underneath
Try to smile ,shake off the curse , don’t mind the jingle in your purse
Some poor fecker has it worse.

Copyright. Cormac Lally


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