Fiona’s Way. Third part of the trilogy.

For the Unveiling of Fiona’s Way.
The Third Poem

Fiona’s Way

The stranger passing years from now
Will pause and stop and wonder how
Where Grand Canal meets Convent View
There stands a monument to you.
And puzzled, asks a passer by
Who was this girl? And his reply
She was a daughter,sister, friend
Who once was lost,and till the end
A beacon to her family
Who always held her memory
At moments in their worst despair
They found a light they all could share
Like stars that burn from light year miles
It shone they tell me, when she smiled
Held inner depth in conscious living
In happy times, through saddest grieving
Found solace in humanity
Embraced by her community
She didn’t build, nor find a cure
She wasn’t rich, she wasn’t poor
She inspired those she’d meet
With a wave upon the street
Share a joke, her joy , her news
And lift us from our inner blues
So Thirteen Thousand from the town
Who’d helped and searched and still not found
Agreed that we should mark a spot
Lest her memory, be forgot
So stranger , now, does that explain
This symbol both of hope and pain
A monument to many hands
To those prepared to make a stand.
To a mother and her unborn child
Of generosity compiled
So generations from today
Will remember now, Fiona’s Way

Copyright Cormac Lally


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