A light goes out. ( For Kevin)

A Light Goes Out.(For Kevin)

I heard it on here .
before the long distance phone call
from Australia.
“What happened” my sister asked?
She was in the same city
A lifetime away
Yet knew to call home
where the news travels fastest.
No one knows.
A tragic mystery
A comedic youth
A heart broken community.
A grieving family.
“The only thing quicker than his tongue
was his feet” said Tom Donoghue.
Escape, being intricately linked
To the side splitting comments
Made at men twice your size.
“Ah Jaysus , Peter , calm down will you
dont injure yourself , its a big game today”
Goliath chasing David over gear bags, hurls and helmets.
A dressing room in convulsions.
A smart remark for every adolescent player.
Some how , cemented us together in hilarity’s hysteric bond
Yet the seriousness of what lay ahead
No laughing matter.
Young man of the world
Plying your trade from continent to continent
Wide to the pit falls , open to smiles
And still, just being yourself.
The sun rises in Ireland
A light goes out in Oz
Only you, will ever know its cause.

RIP Kevin


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