Ninja Baby Move no 214.

Ninja Baby Move no.214

Each stocking tip toed ninja step maneouver’s darkened room unkempt

Fragile cargo not far to go, to the crib I crept

My babe in arms will raise alarms unless her doze is tended

She slightly stirs, my silent curse, that floorboard still not mended

I shrink and cringe that effing hinge , that’s yearn for lubrication

Crack big toe nail off weighing scale , snail pace animation

Choke back a scream from pain unseen comes thru my soul and heel

A plug upturned from the night light, learned my lessons pain I feel

A searing blinding throbbing  thump , my little toe a massive lump

Enough to make the wee one jump , you’ve more elbows than Forrest Gump

You’ve made it dude , now all you’ve do, is lay her soft in slumber

Each exhale a deafening gale, each blink a clap of thunder

Arthritic creaks , your knee joints speaks “wake up there little bairn”

Its payback time for daddy , for those years of rugby playing

Silence all the voices , commit your Zen and Ki

Hear your inner Morpheus and focus, Trinity .

Your oozing, drained,  your snoozing wain, is face down in the crib

You’ve trapped your hand  beneath her, grand , its gently pried from ribs

She starts, your heart is in your mouth, her eyes are wide and scoping

She squirms , her grip is firm on shirt sleeves left to dangle open

The jaws pull back, the teeth are out, the lips are tight and drawn

Sucking in the oxygen, exclaims a hearty yawn…….

She smacks her lips but mammies nips, are not up for discussion

Resigned , although not dined , she aligns her head with cushion

Oh victory , sweet stor mo chroi , you lie in dreams embrace

Though I’m still ways from out the woods, each step with care re-trace.

Avoid the hinge , your flooring sins , the plugs and tread with ease

The weakest creak a banshee’s shriek to threaten cautious peace.

The monitoring walkie talkie crackles soft in silence

I stand to guard like a sentry scarred from sounds of sudden violence

Its bliss its calm ,like back in Nam  ,the battle cries subsided

Your loin fruit salad, snores in valid tenor keys in private

Aikido , Kendo , judo , Kempo , Tai Chi and Shao Lin

Are lost against the ninja power that parents groom within.

Copyright Cormac Lally 13.11.2013 0224AM.


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