Sometimes my words are spoken sometimes my word are read
Sometimes my words have hidden life and other times feel dead
Some words are used in singing some words are used in rhyme
Run rings rounds some words that ran me ragged rough one time
My words appear in sonnet and some words appear in verse
Some words you’ll know in natural flow, in other words ,rehearsed
Run my words repeatedly improve repeat again
I scribble words with pencils paint charcoal chalk and pen
I’ll have a word with someone when some words pop in my brain
Some times these words make secret sense and some hard to explain
Say Word up to you brothers, some say word if somethings true
Some speak words with only eyes, sometimes fingers two
Some words you wont believe them. many words you’ll hear are lies
Some words have hidden meaning meaning some words sport disguise
Some words are soft and gentle other word are hard and fierce
Some words will heal and cure you other word your heart will pierce
Some words will stab and crush you other words are cruel and blunt
Nothing cuts you like a sword because its Word with S in front
I got his word she gave her word some people word means naught
No the word for Lisbon , Yes the word that Europe sought
Oh my word and bless my word, believe the word of God
Paraphrasing words that have long since been proven fraud
I wonder will these words one day be worthy of repeating?
Or woefully rejected as suspected oral bleating
For Time it has the last word in the chapters of lifes book
Words fill my page in passions rage .Thus given chance
I took.


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