Final Arbiter.

Final Arbiter

In stormy gales that thrash and flail and proves us only dust
Mans omnipotence hold farce pretense upon this earthly crust.
Mother nature, cruelest creature , can rage and havoc wreak
Her blackest clouds , in silver shrouds, parlays in thunderous peak
Stay inside you feeble fools and frown in fearful fret
My rain and lightning but the start and nowhere near spent yet
Pray in shrieks and tongueless speech to silent deities
Your hollow words seem odd ,observed from heavens you’ve conceived
I’ll loose your tiles and driven piles , and scatter rocks and steel
Uproot your human fruits , the follies built of greed’s ideal
For I am wrath and vengeance , I’m yang and hell on earth
I’m the horsemen of apocalypse that spared your humble birth
I’m nothing and I’m everything, cannot be held or seen
I’m Kali , God and Allah manifest from Noahs dreams
My howling peals of laughter will devastate and ruin
Your human life ,with warring rife ,turn desolate and strewn
The oceans rise before your eyes ,the mountain shrink in height
Rinsing the sins from earths green skin as you flounder faced with fight.
For man , yon foolish man you dare compete and try contend
With fire water wind and air the sacred elements
Now turn on you, as lessons we truly never learned to heed
That Mother nature’s final arbiter, to human nature’s greed….

Copyright Cormac Lally, 16-10-2013


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