A Little Black Inside

A Little Black Inside .

Did anyone else feel strange or unease
When Obama did visit and we had to appease
The big cheese of Israels main squeeze?
I’ll start with myself , I just felt it odd
That he pro claimed himself , a son of the sod
Brothers in bog, didn’t someone examine their family log
And out on a limb , on a twig, on a leaf  ,
Was a rare rattlin’ auld cousin, they’d have us believe ,  
A Kearney from Offaly in America stood
Six generations later bore us Barack by blood.
But mean while back in the hood
Or Africa as it was known those days
The cradle of civilized  free range slaves,
For sale by the bale to the land of the braves
Picking cotton pre dating the minimum wage
The other branch on the family tree was being made.

But back to the present , return to the now ,
How this makes him Irish? I don’t know how?
All of the fuss bout Obama the Green ,
Swearing he could be a ginger from a fair colleen ,
With freckles not shekels,   slapping on the sunscreen

Is this a dream? Someone pinch me or poke me
I don’t find this funny or remotely jokey
That somehow Obama , sure by the Hokey
Is as Irish me and we all think its okay?

And this isnt some sort of a racist attack
But for the love of lord Jaysus, THE MAN IS BLACK!!
Muslim by name , Kenyan by nature
Nearly six foot six in stature
And he’s wearing the shamrock like he was conceived
In a little thatched cottage where Yeats lived bereaved.
Bet he’s in his grave turning , no home fires burning
That a once proud nation of education and learning
Proclaim this man savior the one we’ve been yearning

A but sure , isn’t he one of us now?
A Godsend ,a blessing , a divine cash cow
Divil the minding the stars and the plough
For the trough is too barren ,for the boars and their sows
He’s drinking a pint , Yes we can there you go
Just wait let it settle , its tradition you know
He swallows the Guinness along with his pride
I just hope now that he feels , a little black inside.

Copyright Cormac Lally 23/10/2013 . 0242 AM


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