Blood From A Stone.

Blood From A Stone.
Baby whats going on in that body of yours ?
The docs haven’t answers or theories or cures.
You crawl round the cot with a tube in your nose
And keep half the  nurses here sharp on their toes
Just suppose for a mo’s , you could speak prose
Or shows head to toes where the temperature goes?
But you continue baffle , consultants just waffle
All the tests have you stressed for some are just awful
Removing bone marrow by trailer and barrow
Lists of diseases is whittled to narrow
Just point with arrow , my poor little sparrow
So you’ll be discharged and get home tomorrow
Maura is frantic , my frets are gigantic
The tears of your grannies could fill the Atlantic
Praying to Peter and Paul to be mantic
Oblivious while you carry on with your antics.
A fourteen pound package of sinew and bone
Of dreams and ambitions seeds yet to be sown
You giggle and wiggle , diagnosis unknown
I curse while the nurse tries get blood from a stone.


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