Rusted Anchors.

Rusted Anchors.

Written in the Old Town of Kotor , Montenegro 8-4-2013.

Taking two men to heave
And twenty to weigh her
Held galleons , tall ships
Cutters , yachts and Fishing boats
Steady ! Steady !
Dragging the bottom for purchase
Wrought iron claws
Gouging the sand and stone
Violent shudders signal
Her vessels halt.

A craftsman’s pride
An architects science
A sailors lifeline .
Evolved from rock and vine
Through time and tragedy
Into this steel colossus
Cast of iron .
Born of mans naivety
That he would someday
Master the waves.

Vast oceans
Buried treasure
Solemn battles
Bore your witness.
Weighed and hauled
Infinite links gleam
With proud indispensability.

In Kotor’s old town.
A solitary Palm tree
an oasis of lawn
Your Crusoe’s Island.
Nestled alongside
Corroded cannon’s
Rotten relics of
A forgotten Fellowship.
A cruel consolation home
For salt dogs and wizened warriors.

Bury us at sea !!!
Toast us with rum and shanties
Swallowed whole into
Deep black blue nothingness
With no drunken Essex girls
Squat atop us
Recording our decay!!
Curse you!!
Give us that at least


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