Vent. I never cared for the recession. Until my one night of music got cancelled. GRRRRRRR!!!!


Joe Lee’s session cancelled . Austerity is working.
We failed to see the monster that was in the shadows lurking.
We’ve been blinded by the bureaucrats who lead us from the rear
We’ve been ridden by the hoor o crats , and peddled shabby gear.
We’re regaled with stats and numbers, inflation gold and German Marks
We give billions to the bankers yet we’re closing down our parks.
Our kids will have to stay inside, and stare in to the box
That’s a prison for their minds it doesn’t even need a lock.
We bought and sold each other,we rode and scammed our selves
Now last weeks muddled millionaires are stacking Aldi shelves.
And just where did it all go wrong ??, we plead and gnash and wail.
We look for answers from the same experts who caused the system fail.
The Economic scam it happens, then happens yet again
We refuse to change the system, or to redirect our Zen
We here the empty promises and still we cheer them on Yahoo
Like our bogger politicians have even got a fuckin clue,
One day they have theyre wellies on the next theyrein a suit
Private jets to brussels, paddies day perks in Beirut .
First class flight around the globe ,free bar and stout half price
You really think they read the treaties with their headaches born of vice.

So yet again we showed the world our balls they haven’t dropped ,
And how easily were bullied by the haves and the have yachts.
Our mediocre piss weak backbone will keep us broke and bent
Our kids will have to carry us through fiftyy years of Lent
So one way or the other the bastards have us screwed
They pollute the air we breathe and fondle those who make our food
They are locking up old ladies, who stand up for their trees,
The Saudis own the Shannon ,and our forests, the Chinese
The Norwegians own our gas and oil, the Dutch will help them take it
Belmullet now has earth quakes, The Emperor is naked.
We bleat and baaa, obey and do, bleat and baaaaaaaa some more
So my mandolin who ne’er had sinned, tonight never made it out the door.
These bastards took our water,trees our gas and oil, our sugar ,bogs and fish’s
  Now they’ve taken Wednesday, those lousy sons of bitches…..


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