To the Momma’s, Babies Momma’s and Momma’s Momma’s.

To my mam , you’re the best , big ups to all mothers everywhere today.

Carried me in your belly through seventy eight
Delivered in January an Aquarian date.
You nourished me filled me, taught me and skilled me
Dressed me impressed me, tried hard not to kill me !!
Cajoled me consoled me , with oak spoon you’d scold me
Stories of grandad , at bedtime you told me
Torn my knees running your arms they’d enfold me
Communed me , confessed me , confirmed me and blessed me
For Junior and Leaving cert tests you rehearsed me
All the times I was lost you searched till you found me
Flying too high , you’d catch me and ground me
If you knock up a girl your father will pound thee!!
To thine own self be true , your advice it was soundly
Now Mam I’m a Dad , my life has been blessed
Your words channel through me like I am possessed
I keep baby like cards , so close to my chest
There is none like you mother you bring out my best.

Love you Mam


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