The Unlikely Anarchist.

To everyone involved in Teresa Treacy’s Fight for freedom , It was an honor to have met you all. A year ago today the people of Ireland took on one of the largest corporations in Europe and showed them that its not OK to destroy the lives of people just to make a profit . All Power to the Peaceful.

To all the friends that we made , moments we shared .
Showed the people of Ireland that some of us cared
We stood up together to corporate greed
And answered the call to a citizens need
And , oh how that snowball gathered its speed
No longer a snow flake , to pay not a heed
Careered into Eirgrid and caused her to bleed
Into proverbial balls smashed proverbial knees
We silenced the chainsaws and yelled loudest of all
The moment the lumberjacks headed off back down to Youghal

To the people who stood in the paths of the blades
Holding solid their ground for twenty two days
To those that brought tents , food and supplies
Music and laughter to keep hope alive
Late nights in the yurts and patrolling at dawn
The vigils at mountjoy, keeping us strong
For we know the difference between right and wrong
Its what our parents have taught us to do all along
Its Protecting your elders ,respecting the land
Listening to your heart and taking a stand.
Sticking two fingers back up to the Man !!
Dignified, Peaceful never raising a hand .
The Unlikeliest Anarchist , the most unlikely light
Shone brightest and dazzled in the darkest of night
Your bravery never once taking to fright
When you feel in your bones what your doing is right

To those who wrote letters and swiched their providers
To those who brought poteen and glasses of cider
To those that harrassed their local TDs
To all those who prayed , to all those who believed

We will do it again.


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