The Boy in Room Lonely

The Boy in Room Lonely.

Every night since we were admitted to care
We pass a wee baby who has no body there
He calls out at night to no one at all
Till the nurses they hear him through the mass concrete walls.
He is so tiny , just needs some attention
To soothe out the worries with a little affection.
He cries and he cries till there’s only a wheeze
All I can do is goo goo and jingle my keys
And Tessa she waves at him there in his cot
As the edge of the door is as far we’re let
She stares at me “Daddy can I go in and play”?
Is the look in her eyes , what her mouth cannot say
Her hand is still waving as we walk down the hall.
To the boy in the room who has no one at all.


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