Something Has Changed


Hearing your cry for the first time
Above all the screaming miracles in Mullingar
Your voice , your little voice so clear I could have
Been standing alone with you in a silent meadow.
Oblivious to the cacophony.
Oblivious to the mid wives, the African doctor
Dawn breaks though . Only your voice .
The mornings light , a new awakening
Something has changed.
I want to weep and hug my father in this instant
Tell him I’m sorry and thank him
That I didn’t understand
That I never got it ,that I couldn’t ,until just now
When I heard your little voice .
Something has changed.
The dawns light , my exhausted partner
I hold her hand . Tell her how beautiful she is
How perfect you are .We hear your little voice.
Something has changed.

Cormac Lally 12/06/13


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