Lingeriie For Six Year Olds.

Lingerie for your six year old.

Young ladies of Ireland what goes through your heads?
Believing all the things the television has said
That you ass is too big and your hairs going grey
And Loreal has the answer to your mortal decay.
Injecting your faces with botox and collagen
Neglecting your brains and putting no knowledge in
Walking round armed with your hair spray in canisters
With faces as smooth as a french polished bannister.
Afraid of the beauty inside that Jah gave you
For these cosmetic items will only enslave you
Because beauty is a product that cannot be bought
Like peace is a war that cannot be fought
How deep are these wrinkles how long are these lashes?
My pants and my shoes and this blouse are they matches?
Abused and confused when you pick up a man
You give him your body then he gives you the can
And he doesn’t call you and he doesn’t care
For he only sees you for the clothes that you wear
Wont kiss you, wont hold you ,wont look in your eyes
And you think its the fault of your Guucci disguise
Your wardrobes and presses are all over spillin
Because retail therapy just isn’t fullfilling
Poor hearts are so empty , poor souls are so bleak
Try become a size zero don’t eat for a week
Then faint from the hunger just so you can compare
To the skeletons smiling in vanity fair
When I walk through the malls I realize my worst fears
I see four year old versions of Brittany Spears
I see lingerie aimed at girls seven and eight
Dressed up like Paris and puke to lose weight
By sticking their fingers right down their own necks
Or try to make dvds of themselves having sex
Just to sell it on ebay for fortune and fame
Cry alone in the bedroom because of the shame.
What happened to hopscotch and playing with dolls?
Doctors and nurses and crazy haired trolls?
Am I just too old do I live in the past
Or do our little girls now grow up too fast ?


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