If She Could Talk . Mauras Fathers Day gift to me. A poetess of formidable verse in her own right….

For Cormac, for fathers day – If she could talk…

You were the first to hold me
For the first few hours of my little life
You were the only one there
It was blurry old you I first saw

You named me
Whether I like it or not
You gave me that which I will some day become

You’ve shaped me
Your rough and tumble love
Bouncing on the knees
Have given me the strength
I already employ and enjoy

You carried me out
For my first breath of fresh air
Held me up to the moon
Introduced me to night skies

You brought me away
Wrapped in a sling
Staring silently at you
You showed me foreign lands, foreign faces
For me to one day rediscover myself

You were there for my first bump
My first pain
You picked me up, kissed me
And eased my tears

You’ve changed me, fed me, burped me, rocked me, clothed me
Assured me there’s more than a mothers love

I’m seven months old
And you’re already the world to me
I can’t wait to see
What is to come.
xx Maura xx


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