CountSells, CountSellers and Polythicks. (A Footbridge Named Fiona Part 2. )

CountSells , CountSellers and PollyThicks. ( A Footbridge Named Fiona Part 2)

With a motion ,a moment of madness
Caused community infinite sadness
Putting pens to petitions and paper editions
We niched out a nook from the badness

The family rallied ,the signatures tallied
The Towns folk agreed without pause
A committee of gritty outspoken and witty
Convened to put forward the cause.

The lies and the smears , the arrogant jeers
As their power trip reached a crescendo
There wont be a bridge named Fionas
They intoned with a calm innuendo.

“Hard to believe” and “I just cant conceive “
Two cleaner of the comments opined
To the average bloke it seemed a cruel joke
As the CountSell appeared deaf and blind

Hard to believe , then maybe its not
Their power is such a delusion
Tie their own hands to refuse our demands
With open inter party collusion.

Coulve been beautiful could’ve been pure
Brought people together for ever I’m sure
Instead it a struggle , we’re drowning in puddles
For this ailment there’s only one cure.

Those we elect have now chose to reject
A united and simple request.
Sure its only a bridge, now a mountainous ridge
And has everyone angry and stressed.

Local CountSellers stop acting like yellers
All the Red Tape has blurred your perspective
To listen with care to whom put you there
Is your primary functions objective.

So early next year when elections are near
And with smiles they come knocking on doors
Ask who’s opinion and side did they vote on?
For their own ? Or Fiona’s and yours? .


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