Baby Food

Baby food.( For Tessa 6 months yesterday) 30 April 2013

A wee bowl and spoon for a wee gob
That’s now opening wide to inform me
Put the kettle upon the black hob
To prepare food at three in the morning

For Tessa awake from her slumber
Cares not if we dream or sleep sound
She’ll comment at length and with volume
Till a suitable menu is found.

Now the mush it is red or is orange
Maybe mango banana or swede.
Oh Lord , to go back to the days when
It was only the boob that she’d need.

I remember my nights spent in comas
Through explosions and earthquakes I’d yawn
Now I stare at the moon with my little pink spoon
And pray that she’ll sleep past the dawn.

Wisdom and love are two wonderful things
And we’re lucky to ever find one.
They creep in at night by the shimmering light
When you’re up feeding your daughter or son.


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