A Node To Our Ladies Hospital in Crumlin.

A Node To Our Lady’s Hospital Crumlin

Today my baby girl of eight months , went under the knife
To remove a few bits for biopsy to check for signs of life
Sitting anxiously up in the ward , for word from down the line
I discovered a wee grey hair ,in this scraggy head of mine.
Now folks it has been heard of , for me to rail and rant
Attend protests and work sit ins , to cheer support and chant.
A grey hair that appeared suddenly, in one of my natty dreads
Got me thinking about Crumlin , where my child lay off her head.
All the nurses ,all the doctors all the cleaners all the staff
Have budgets on a shoestring, its enough to make you laugh
Except, it isn’t funny. Where’s the money ? Oh they have to raise their own?
Our Ladys Hospital in Crumlin can barely pay their loans
The frontline of the battle to keep our kids alive
Has to beg and borrow in order to survive
This fact is just so staggering , so hard to feign surprise
When you think of all the billions we gave for Anglo lies.
But fuck it , they can suck it, this poem is not for those
Its a shout out to the hospital, the object of my prose.
All the people up in Crumlin from consultants to the porters
The Pakistanis in the car park who keep it safe in order
The nurses mind us in the ward thats named after St. Peter
To the surgeons who are slicing, down in the spotless theatre.
When chips are down they do not ask who can afford to pay
They rush you in , where they begin to chase the ills away
This hospital in Dublin where our childrens lives are saved
Runs upon the proceeds from all the heads thats shaved
The monks and punks , the sales of junks , the pennys roll on in
From baking cakes and throwing shapes  stops Crumlin crumbling
In these days of sunshine , austerity and gloom
Days of bankers, TD wankers with no end coming soon
Spare a thought for the babies, for all the angels in the cubes
Getting help from nurses and fed from see through tubes
My little girl who is my world and caused my hair to grey
Showed me a side of Ireland , where money cannot pay
For the love , and the care ,doesn’t matter from where, in here your all as one
This ode I write , is for the node you took from Tessas tum.


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